The Wake Up

Pete Treiber
Oct 04, 2021
When we first met Pete in Brooklyn a bunch of years ago we were shooting Quiet Town in a space connected to his shared art studio, The Invisible Dog. He told us about his family farm on the North Fork of Long Island, about going back and forth between farmers markets and gallery shows. Our pre-pandemic mind couldn’t fathom how he managed to balance these seemingly oppositional worlds. But it turns out, for Pete, the two worlds are inseparable. The farm has become a living piece of art and his art is informed by his farm. And it’s not just Pete’s art, Treiber Farms has opened its barn doors to other artists, chefs, designers and musicians becoming both farm & forum. Treiber Farms is known for its beautiful cedar barn & vintage truck with the American flag painted on it. Something that has sparked the best kind of political conversations covered by the New York Times & locals alike.

Jamesport Sourdough & Coffee
Aug 22, 2021
Jamesport Sourdough & Coffee

Wendy Schelah
Oct 29, 2020
Wendy Schelah gave up city life in Brooklyn for a cabin on the North Fork of Long Island. Her spot is serving as a bucolic pause button while shefigures out what’s next. The little house is maybe 350 sq ft (about 1/3 of that is the bathroom) and layered like an 80’s casserole (or maybe like a bakedzitti). Wendy’s loft bed is spread out above her bathroom, her closet is sandwiched behind the wall of her living room; there’s a saucy little secretarialnook carved out for her computer. As a prop stylist, Wendy is used to building entire worlds by 8am and breaking them down by 5pm so the fact thatit’s temporary did not stop her from layering on tons amazing details. Let’s check it out!

Indigo & Sunny Fine
Aug 09, 2020
The Pandemic turned everyone’s world inside-in. Our homes became offices, schools, restaurants, and in our case a photo studio. And the people inside, namely our children Indie & Sunny, our muses. They knew it was just a matter of time before we came knocking on their bathroom door. Open up, The Wake Up is here. After five months of intense observation, I realized that a 7-year-old girl and an almost 10-year-old boy live very different bathroom lives. Sunny spends a lot of time on hair styles, manicures & makeup (lip gloss). She’s also a complete slob. Indie takes his time on the toilet daydreaming he’s a spy or has magic powers. All his clutter is in his head. The one thing they both have in common: competitively short showers.

Maya Singer
Mar 01, 2020
Maya Singer is in fashion but looking for the next thing. She takes really pretty pictures (35mm film @mayasinger) has a talent for decorating, and is really--I mean, Really-- Nice. Consider this an unofficial reference if anyone has some ideas. Born in Boulder, CO and now living in Altadena, CA  which Maya calls “The Boulder of Los Angeles,” with her dog Benny and boyfriend, musician Michael Di Francesco. Read on as Maya gives up the goods on her curl specialist and reveals her all-time favorite bathroom is actually in a bar.

Julie Schott
Jan 28, 2020
Julie Schott moved to L.A. from New York to launch Starface, her clever brand of little yellow stars that absorb pimple puss (so cool) and chills out inflammation. Her customers love them so much they tell her they can't wait for their next breakout. Amazing idea, right?