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Made In A Quiet Town

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Hi, We're Quiet Town

We make bath accessories in Brooklyn, the U.S. and abroad. Everything we do begins with function, followed by design and a serious vetting of our manufacturing partners and raw materials. Quiet Town products are made to age--the more rumpled, washed and loved the better. As concerned citizens of the world we don’t take being here lightly. This means we only make things we need and things that last. Thank you for having us in your homes.


Our Philosophy

“Made in a Quiet Town” is our brand philosophy and road map. It keeps us grounded in accountability, transparency, kindness and sustainability as we grow. We think about Quiet Town as a community that we are responsible for. The three most important elements in this community are our Partners, our products and our intentions.

Our Partners

We personally vet all of our manufacturing partners based on accountability, transparency, kindness and sustainability. There’s no room for noisy, disrespectful neighbors in our quiet town.

Our Products

We only make things that are functional and used daily because residents of quiet towns need shops that prioritize real life necessities.

Our Intentions

Every element that goes into making a Quiet Town product is thoughtfully considered by us. From the packaging to the dyeing, we hold our production to the highest standards of quality and sustainability.