The Wake Up with…Julia Lowry

Michael and I spent a few hours in Inverness, CA in the spacious blue bathroom of Julia Lowry & her husband Dylan Squires. They’re both in the dairy biz out here. Julia is the quality compliance manager for Clover Sonoma & Dylan is the finance manager for Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Co.(and the co-owner of Loose Joints Records in downtown Point Reyes. They lucked out with their bathroom when they bought their home having to do absolutely nothing to it except swap out the toilet (bye-bye original wooden seat).

What’s the first thing you do in the morning and the last thing you do at night before bed?

First thing: snooze my alarm, check the time, think about how much more sleep I can pull off before I absolutely have to get up.

Last thing: Look over my husband’s shoulder as he scrolls through his phone, cuddle our dog, Dash.

Are there any bath, wellness or grooming products that you swear by? 

I’m acne-prone, so most of my skincare is dermatologist recommended (I use dandruff shampoo as body wash!) I always wear sunscreen, right now it’s a La Roche Posay kids sunscreen I picked up in France last year. I will pretty much do anything recommended by Charlotte Palermino, founder of Dieux skincare products, which I swear by.

How often do you deep clean your bathroom? And what are your favorite cleaning products? Anything specific to the shower?

I clean the sink and toilet once every couple of weeks, the shower probably once a month. I use Mrs Myers spray for surfaces and a 1:1 Dawn/Vinegar solution for the shower. It smells strong but it works.

Favorite candle or bathroom scent?

I love Field Kit’s “The Solarium” candle, which smells like basil and fig.

The 2 most important Bathroom Questions: What kind of Deodorant and toilet paper do you use? 

Deodorant: Kosas Chemistry

Toilet Paper: Reel Bamboo toilet paper

If you had a bajillion dollars, what would your bathroom look like?

A second sink/vanity! Dylan and I get ready for date nights at the same time, and I would love to do it side by side.

 We have a tub but it doesn’t currently drain. It won’t take a bajillion dollars to fix it, but that would be high on the list.

 I also fantasize about wallpapering the walls and ceiling with a bold graphic print.

What are you most proud of in your bathroom? What do you always hide when people come over?

Most proud of: This is the biggest bathroom I’ve ever had, and the space really is a luxury.

I hide my laundry! Seems like I always have delicates drying
on a rack in the bathroom when people come over.

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