Our Story

"Hey," from our new quiet town in California!

Michael & I recently relocated from the North Fork of Long Island, NY to the Bay Area. We lived here 20 years ago and have been talking about moving west again ever since. Just ask any of our friends & family, they were definitely tired of hearing about it.  Our new hometown is inspiring us in endless ways both environmentally and visually. Our showers are faster (in the name of water conservation) but our lives are slower as we take in the "big nature" all around us.  The coast, the hills, the stately palm trees nestled right next to giant Redwoods, it feels surreal.

When we first launched Quiet Town six years ago we identified so much as a Brooklyn brand. It was all hustle and buzz and energy as we built this tiny business on weekends and at night. Our Brooklyn factory (who we still work with to this day) was a few miles from our house and our office was just around the corner from home. But our trunk was packed with beach gear 365 days of the year and we dreamed of perpetual blue skies and warm sun. 

So, here we are, in our dreams! The amount of gratitude we feel must have been earning interest over the last two decades because we are overflowing with appreciation. California will, without a doubt, influence our photo shoots, color stories and visual references in general and we can't wait for that to take hold. Hope you all dig where we're going with this because I think it's going to be kind of great.

Our mission to create sustainable, thoughtful, functional things for your home and life is stronger than ever. We'll be launching some new products soon that we hope will be a forehead-slapping, "how did we get by without this?" type of thing. All but one of our products are packaged in 100% compostable packaging (next on the list). Everything from our clear bags to our stickers and mailers are able to go back into the ground. Just a tip: our clear bags biodegrade best when you fill them with food scraps vs composting them empty-- so, get your garbage ready! All of our bath rugs are made using 100% sustainably sourced cotton and our Quiet towels are organically-dyed in Portugal for us.

Which brings us to our biggest growth “To Do”: Sun Shower curtains. Oh. man. We love these things, but there’s so much more we want to do from an environmental point of view-- it’s the next thing we will tackle.  We know these curtains last much longer than any other liner on the market which creates less plastic waste in general, but that’s definitely not enough. We need to create a healthy end-of-life plan for them. A recycling program that keeps them out of landfills. Stay tuned for more news as we figure this out.

 If you made it to the end of this, thank you for listening, for caring about the “who” and “how”. We vow to always keep you informed and to always look for the best, most responsible solutions to our manufacturing hurdles. We are concerned citizens of the world and we don’t take being here lightly. Thank you for having us in your home.


Lisa & Michael