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 It’s been a while since we’ve updated this page. But we’ve made some changes, both personal and business-related, that we wanted to share.  

Michael & I recently moved from Brooklyn, NY to a small town on the Eastern end of Long Island called Mattituck. The move was planned pre-pandemic in an effort to simplify our lives and focus on building Quiet Town. By “build” I mean thoughtful growth as opposed to reactionary and go-go-go. There were important details we needed to get right before things got too hard to undo.

We are currently moving towards 100% compostable packaging. Everything from our clear bags to our stickers and mailers will be able to go back into the ground. Just a tip: our clear bags biodegrade best when you fill them with food scraps vs composting them empty-- so, get your garbage ready!
Incidentally, our rug manufacturer in India emailed us recently to tell us that they were also switching over to bio bags. These guys are really inspiring us with all of their environmental programs. They are a REACH and GOTS certified factory and their vision for growth is all about investing in Biogas energy and clean water practices.


 We are also working on tightening up our supply chain (I hope this stuff isn’t boring you). When we launched four years ago we were sewing all of our curtains in Brooklyn and our dye house was a few blocks away--but our canvas was coming from India. Then we started using a domestically-grown cotton canvas from down south and we felt like we could be doing things smarter. After a lot of trial and error we found a great dye house near our canvas manufacturer. They figured out a way to tumble-dry our fabric to get the lofty hand-feel we were after (no other dye house would go near this project).  Then we found an amazing, employee-owned factory a short drive away from the dye house to make some of our curtains! And to make matters even better, we switched to a fulfillment center that is just a few blocks from our manufacturer! So now, the majority of our shower curtain partners are all within 200 miles of each other.  In case you’re wondering, we do still use our small factory in Brooklyn. Gil, the owner, is a great partner to us. He still makes some canvas curtains, all of our custom orders as well as our Sun Shower curtains.

Which brings us to our biggest growth “To Do”: Sun Shower curtains. Oh. man. We love these things, but there’s so much more we want to do from an environmental point of view-- it’s the next thing we will tackle.  We know these curtains last much longer than any other liner on the market which creates less plastic waste in general, but that’s definitely not enough. We need to create a healthy end-of-life plan for them. A recycling program that keeps them out of landfills. Stay tuned for more news as we figure this out.


If you made it to the end of this, thank you for listening, for caring about the “who” and “how”. We vow to always keep you informed and to always look for the best, most responsible solutions to our manufacturing hurdles. We are concerned citizens of the world and we don’t take being here lightly. Thank you for having us in your home.
Lisa & Michael





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