The Wake Up with…Maya Singer

Maya Singer is in fashion but looking for the next thing. She takes really pretty pictures (35mm film @mayasinger) has a talent for decorating, and is really--I mean, Really-- Nice. Consider this an unofficial reference if anyone has some ideas. Born in Boulder, CA and now living in Altadena, CA which Maya calls “The Boulder of Los Angeles,” with her dog Benny and boyfriend, musician Michael Di Francesco. Read on as Maya gives up the goods on her curl specialist and reveals her all-time favorite bathroom is actually in a bar.

What’s the first thing you do in the morning and the last thing you do at night?The first thing I do in the morning is stretch and make noises so that my little dog (who is still a puppy) gets excited to see me because she forgot I lived here when she fell asleep. It’s really nice to be validated first thing. The last thing I do at night is probably exactly the same thing, now that I think about it.

Which of your favorite bath products would you buy in bulk if you heard they would cease to exist tomorrow?
If Moroccan Oil Curl Defining Cream [went extinct] I would buy it out immediately. It has nothing to do with the quality of the product--(actually is that a bath product? Its goes on my head)--Anyway, its more about the fact that, without fail, EVERY time I wear it so many people compliment the smell of it. It’s like a pheromone-- I can’t describe it. But it does all the work for me so I don’t even have to try.

What do you look for in a bathroom accessory and where do you like to shop for them?
I look for sustainability in a bath product. I know, I know, I live in LA, and it’s so cool to be package free blah-blah but, for real, it’s important to think about where and what these things are made from. Are they cool and unique and serving my purpose or are they mass produced and thrown away?

Your hair is amazing. Any tips/tricks for other curly heads out there?Thank you! Biggest advice is to ask your fellow curly girls. I linked up with a curl specialist a few years ago (@curldoctor) and he’s been my guiding light through having a head full of knots. Otherwise, condition, like, all the time every day no matter what. I think they are just so thirsty and it leads to breakage, but the softer they feel, the better they behave. Only you can discover what products work for you, generally anything natural is better. My number one biggest hack though… when you are applying product, put that shit on when your hair is soaking wet and dripping, I brush mine through and let it air dry. That’s a magic trick to avoid frizz!

I love to learn about people’s dental hygene, maybe because I’m scared of the dentist and would do anything to avoid her. What’s your routine, and what are your favorite products & tools?I mean, I should be way better about this, but the only interesting thing about my dental hygiene is I keep floss in my car and do that while I am sitting in traffic. Sorry y’all

TMI Lightning Round

Book, Phone or Deep Thoughts? BOOOOKSSS forever.

Courtesy Flush or Candle? Candle. Wait, flush. Both!

Soap receptacle: hand, wash cloth or loofah?Just some hands

Favorite grooming tool? Hairbrush, I'd die without.

Favorite Deodorant? Weleda Rose Deodorant Spray

Toilet Paper: Eco or the plush stuff? Honestly, I don’t mind either way

Bathroom Pet Peeve? Spit in the sink

Do you pack full-size products, decant or wing-ding upon arrival? Full-size hair requires full-size products

What do you clean your bathroom with? With politely asking my boyfriend to do it cuz he’s better

Toilet plunger: what do you do with it after you use it and where does it “live”? I just remembered I haven’t bought one yet…

Favorite bathroom of all time? La Cuevita in Highland Park.

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