The Wake Up with…Indigo & Sunny Fine

The Pandemic turned everyone’s world inside-in. Our homes became offices, schools, restaurants, and in our case a photo studio. And the people inside, namely our children Indie & Sunny, our muses. They knew it was just a matter of time before we came knocking on their bathroom door. Open up, The Wake Up is here.

After five months of intense observation, I realized that our 7-year-old daughter and almost 10-year-old son live very different bathroom lives. Sunny spends a lot of time on hair styles, manicures & makeup (lip gloss). She’s also a complete slob. Indie takes his time on the toilet daydreaming he’s a spy or has magic powers. All his clutter is in his head. The one thing they both have in common: competitively short showers.

What 4 words would you use to describe your bathroom?


  1. Dirty
  2. Smelly
  3. Messy
  4. Untidy


  1. Colorful
  2. Crazy
  3. Messy
  4. Weird

Some people are using their bathrooms as offices (or hide-aways) since the pandemic. Are either of you treating the bathroom as a multi-use facility? And if so, what are you doing in there?

Indie: I like to read in the bathroom or just think.

Sunny: I like to make fake makeup desks

Out of allllllllll the shower curtains you've had, which one is your favorite?

Indie: The one I currently have.

Sunny: I like the one that’s blue on the top and yellow on the bottom.

So there’s shampoo, soap, leave-in conditioner…and an hour-glass? Please explain.

Indie: I’m assuming that by explain you mean why is there an hourglass and the reasoning for that is because me and my sister like to be done with our showers before the hourglass runs out of sand.

Sunny: I like to time my shower to see if I can take one faster than the hourglass.

(parental oversight: Check out Goldie’s for all-natural bath products. We're all obsessed with the Amber Coconut Leave-in conditioner. Additionally, that hourglass is a two-minute timer and is supposed to encourage thorough teeth- brushing. We save our soap slivers! Hanging on to our Wary Meyers Virgo Cluster Soap. Check out Good Connection for soap dishes.)

Talk to me about your towels...Do you remember any details about how they were made?

Indie: The towels are very unique and they were made with Indigo dye which does not smell good.

Sunny: Well, some have pink and they just dyed the towels with Indigo dye.

(parental fact check: Check out Upstate for the best natural dye kits. I used all three kit colors: indigo, saffron and rose. Each towel was divided by thirds and dipped into each shade. It took an entire spring break and by “they” Sunny means me.)

What’s your favorite bathroom detail? Mine is the built-in toilet paper cubby. Would you agree that it was a stroke of genius?

Indie: I like the built-in toilet paper cubby too but my favorite bathroom detail is the cabinet under the sink.

Sunny: First, I’m offended that I’m not your favorite detail in the house. And second, I don’t agree.

(parental fact check: That stained glass night light is handmade by our friend Flannery at Friend of All and, admittedly I did sort of fuck up with that toilet paper cubby. It’s set too far back and sunny has to stand up to reach it, dripping pee all over the seat.)

Thanks for letting us shoot your bathroom guys! Quick and final question: Is your bathroom always this tidy?

Short Answer: NO
Long Answer: NEVER


TMI Lightining Round

Favorite Toothpaste

I: Don’t know

S: Mint

Favorite Toothbrush

I: Don’t have one

S: Teal

Favorite Bath products

I: Soap

S: Shampoo

Toilet paper: Eco or the Plush Stuff

I: Plush stuff

S: (drew an arrow pointed at “toilet paper”)

Book or deep thoughts?

I: Deep thoughts

S: (circled “deep thoughts”)

Smelly Poop: courtesy flush, poop drops…

I: neither

S: poop drops

Toilet Plunger: what do you do with it after you’ve used it? and where does yours “live”?

I: Huh?

S: (left this blank)

Soap Receptacle: hand, wash cloth, loofah?

I: Hand & loofah

S: (circled “cloth”)

Any grooming or self-care tools you love?

I: Don’t use any

S: Hair brush

How often do you switch out your bath towel?

I: Never

S: I don’t know

Bath towels: color or crisp white?

I: Color

S: (circled “color”)

Favorite body part

I: Brain

S: wrist

Wax, shave, Nah?

I: Nah

S: ummmmmmm.....

Bathroom pet peeve

I: Bugs in my shower and toilet

S: washing hands

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