Marfa Sky Placemat

$ 28.00

Set of 2, mix & match, quilted canvas placemats made from a Marfa Sky shower curtain. These particular curtains contained small irregularities that prevented us from selling them with the rest of our production. Rather than throw them away, we were able to repurpose them for our collaboration with West Elm.

Each placemat in the set will be cut from a different part of the curtain so they will not be an exact match.

You might find a small line or discoloration on the fabric. This is not dirt or ink--it is actually woven into the fabric during the weaving process. 


100% Organic Cotton Canvas 

Made in Brooklyn

Colors: Peach, Light Blue, Light Grey, Natural (depending on the set)

Care: Machine wash cold, tumble dry. Iron to remove wrinkles. 


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Erica SCustomer

"They have the RADest bathroom accessories to really make your space feel unique and modern. Best part is they are ethical and sustainable!"

Priscilla GCustomer

"I've always loved the color palette from Quiet Town"

Monica MCustomer

"We have a bunch of [Quiet Town's] curtains at camp and I love every one of them! They have effortlessly cool and fun style and are based out of Brooklyn "

Jacquline TCustomer

"Every color combo is perfect!"

Devin SCustomer

"Functional and beautifully balanced."

Kate RCustomer

"I love the earthy colors and the handmade feel"