We’re all about transparency...

And we're taking responsibility for keeping what we make and what you use from ending up in the landfill. Because we get it. Seasons change, relationships change, shower curtains change. And since you can't locally recycle your Sun Shower curtain (have you tried turning it into a poncho?), why not work together to transform it into something beautiful?

We're still working out a few kinks in the process, so for now, when you're ready to swap your old Sun Shower curtain for a new one, email us via the link below, and we'll provide a label to ship your old curtain to. Your used curtain will be part of our zero-waste R & D which will turn into something beautiful down the road.

Your Sun Shower Curtain

was designed to wear in, and with a little TLC, it will last you for years to come, creating less plastic waste in general. Read on for some ways to extend its life.

How to repurpose your Sun Shower Curtain

The post-shower glow has worn off, but those redeeming features . . .

Why not try turning it into a . . .  

Picnic tarp

Painting drop cloth

Bike cover

Halloween costume


Wood stack cover

Sled replacement (winter of '20 really pushed us creatively.)