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What does Made in Brooklyn mean to us?

It means we can meet with our manufacturer often. Communicate in person. Pick up our order in our car.
Touch every shower curtain we make. Clip a thread here or there if we need to.

It means we can partner with a “factory” that feels more like an art studio. Where beautiful piles of fabric are hand cut, new projects are being plotted and local designers pop in and out. We’ve even seen some of the makers jump onto the production line to speed things up.

It means we can feel good about our production and in turn you can feel good about your purchase.

As a small company, we do everything ourselves from sourcing our raw materials to vetting each production partner. This will help us scale the company in a way that stays true to our primary beliefs. It’s hard to un-know what you know, you know? So rest assured that when Quiet Town grows into a mature brand it will still be the idealist dreamer at heart.