Driving down Route 48 on the North Fork of Long Island, you zoom past a seaside motel called the Sound View Inn. It both hugs and hides the Long Island Sound from the road with its long and lean Mid-Century frame. It’s so authentically classic you half expect to see a 50’s teal Opel station wagon in the lot.
The Fall collection was inspired by this shiny, happy period in our history when cars were beautiful, letters were handwritten and pink was a common exterior paint color. And most important, people didn’t have so many things--- And what they did have was made to last.

This era is more than design inspiration for us, it’s a map back to manufacturing with integrity.

The quiet beauty of an American roadside relic like the Sound View Inn made our minds spin: These are the links to our past that make us feel good. The Good ‘Ole Days. My grandfather sold shower curtains door-to-door in the 50’s. He met each of his customers. Shook their hands. Honesty. Simplicity. Happy. More stops on our map.