The Wake Up with…Julie Schott

Julie Schott moved to L.A. from New York to launch Starface, her clever brand of little yellow stars that absorb pimple puss (so cool) and chills out inflammation. Her customers love them so much they tell her they can't wait for their next breakout. Amazing idea, right?

“I just knew hydrocolloids were going to be the next sheet mask, such a no-brainer!” A no-brainer if you’re an ex-beauty editor & ingredient-whiz like Julie. To the rest of us, not so much.

Julie’s bathroom looks like one of her Starface pods: all yellow, black and glossy. The resemblance is uncanny. Let’s take a look…

Do you feel like there was some kind of Starface-induced synergistic draw to a black and yellow bathroom?Yes! I moved in here around the same time Starface launched. It felt like good luck.

What are your bath time rituals?
My biggest one are baths-- but I try to take shallow ones because of the California draughts. I moved away from a skincare routine and have an as-needed approach, with the exception of Vitamin C and SPF. Before bed I do some kind of chemical exfoliant like Moon Juice’s Acid Potion and Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 (but the smell is offending my boyfriend. It’s aggressive).

Favorite candle or scent in the bath?
I love Boy SmellsDedcool, and Diana Vreeland (also pictured: Nécessaire & MDNA )

favorite body part?

Boobs, butts, belly buttons, feet

You seem to live a pretty product-minimal existence in your bathroom. Is that true?

Yes, I’m militant about decluttering and giving away what’s not being used.

TMI Lightining Round

Favorite toothpaste: Crest Glamorous White

Favorite toothbrush: It’s a tie between Boka and Goby

Favorite deodorant: Corpus Naturals

Toilet paper: eco or the plush stuff?: Bidet

Book, phone, or deep thoughts?: All three

Courtesy flush or candle?!!!! A big spritz of something that smells nice !!!

Soap receptacle: hand, wash cloth or loofah? Hand

Favorite grooming tool? Spooly brush

Terry, waffle or turkish? Terry

Favorite body part? Boobs

Wax, shave, nah? Both

Bathroom pet peeve? Not loading a new toilet roll into its little house and instead placing it on top of the toilet

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