The Wake Up

Jodi Balfour

Actor, Hunter/Gatherer, L.A.-dweller/ South African-born

I love L.A. rental bathrooms. Unlike NYC ones, which are either cookie cutter, new developments, or 1940’s, last-leg “charm”, you never know what you’re going to find. But in all the L.A. rental bathrooms we’ve visited, none have reflected their renter more than Jodi Balfour’s Santa Monica bathroom. Jodi is delicate and lovely like the marble-topped vanity, friendly like the beadboard walls, and as warm as all that light pouring in from the pacific. Since we shot Jodi for The Wake Up she has since moved…I wonder if the new tenant is as simpatico with the space. Or better yet, I wonder what Jodi’s new L.A. bathroom looks like…

I love the romance and simplicity of your bathroom. Does that describe your sensibility or was it just a happy coincidence?
You know what…? I think you just described my entire approach to aesthetics. Romance and simplicity. Or some sort of constant dance between the two.

what’s your favorite thing about your bathroom?
The clawfoot tub.

Where do you look for your home goods? specifically the things in your bathroom?
Markets, General Store in Venice, Broom Street General Store in Silverlake has great bathroom things, Coyuchi for great towels, and Quiet Town for bathmats and shower curtains, of course ;)

We know shopping for functional bath accessories is a chore--there's a real lack of design and function in this category. What would you redesign if you could? For instance, we have a tooth brush holder in our kid’s bathroom and every night our son's toothbrush slides out and winds up behind the toilet.
Bathrooms seem to be the last part of the house we give our full attention to when intentionally creating space. But I love my morning and evening routines in my bathroom. It’s quiet, self-care time and requires a certain level of presence and engaging with ourselves. So to me, the space you create in your bathroom is really important. There’s no one thing I would redesign, but overall I think to consider your bathroom an important space in your home. Maybe that’s open shelving with inspiring products, or beautiful coloured walls, tiles, or textiles. I always make sure there are plants in our bathroom. And maybe even art, if it can be protected.

TMI Lightining Round

Deodorant: natural? toxic?
I use Fat and the Moon deodorant cream. It’s natural and amazing and WORKS!
Tooth brushing: Shower or Sink?
At the sink. Sometimes in the shower if I’m in a rush.
Toilet Paper: Eco or the plush stuff?
Toilet Entertainment: phone, book, deep thoughts?
Deep thoughts.
How do you freshen up your bathroom?
We use Bodha incense or palo santo.
What’s your shower view?
The lush greenery outside my window.
Bath or Shower?
What kind of toothpaste do you use?
Favorite toothbrush?
An electric one? I want to try those new guys that people are raving about! The ones that look so snazzy and the company sends you new toothbrush heads every few months. And you don’t have to charge them!! (Quip)
Towels: terry or Turkish?
Ooooh, I love ‘em all. Love big bath sheets for the winter, and Turkish for the summer.
Soap vehicle? loofah? wash cloth?
Haha! My hands! I’m lazy.
Favorite products right now.
Kypris skincare, Klur skincare, Bodha natural perfumes, an all-over-body oil from Hold General store in Victoria BC,
When you travel, what do you decant into 3oz bottles and what do you just wing-ding while you’re away?
Face wash, moisturizers and shampoo/conditioner. Wing ding soap & body moisturizer.
And finally…
What was your last Ah-Hah! moment in the shower?
Probably something tiny like, “Ah man, this feels so bloody good. Life is good. Showers are awesome. Things don’t have to be as complicated as I make them.”


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