The Wake Up with…Ally Walsh & Casey Wojtalewicz

Canyon Coffee co-owners, warm & sunny couple
Los Angeles, CA

Your bathroom is so neutral and calming. did you mean for it to be or did that just happen?

It just happened naturally. we like to keep things pretty minimal and only bring home things we really love.

I see a yoga mat in your bathroom…do you actually practice in the bathroom? Anything else you use the bathroom for other than the “usual”?

Nothing out of the ordinary, besides the occasional yoga session! We just love the wooden floors and space in there.

What plant do you have growing in there? it looks like it kind of loves being in that humid environment.

It’s a monstera delicious—A.K.A the “Swiss cheese plant.” You’re right, it loves humid environments. It’s a tropical plant, native to rainforests from southern Mexico down to Panama.

I love your collection of personal things over the toilet. Who made the art and where did all of your lovely objects come from?

My brother actually took those photos! He gave me the prints and I framed them. The other things have been collected over travels. Seashells and stones from California, Mexico, Maine, Portugal. Ceramic from a potter near where Casey grew up in Western Minnesota.

I just have to ask… you have gooooood hair (i mean really good). How often do you wash it and what do you do to it afterwards?

Thank you! I usually wash it about 2x a week? maybe even less in the summer time. I don’t really do much but add some Le tierra Segrado Jojoba Oil after I wash it.

Let’s talk tongue scrapers--is it yours? Casey’s?. I’ve heard it can be a life-changer. And why do you have so many toothbrushes?
We got the tongue scraper at Moon Juice! We both use it. We’re not like daily tongue scraper people… but it’s just nice to use every once in a while. We probably have so many tooth brushes because we both travel so much. I inevitably forget to bring a toothbrush and end up getting a new one on the road to add to the collection. I like my red one best. I don’t know why haha...

You and Casey love to travel and hunt for the best coffee. Any memorable bath or shower experiences on your trips?
The bath tub in our room at the Palacio Belmonte in Lisbon! It’s this incredible old palace that’s been renovated so tastefully and beautifully.

TMI Lightning round

deodorant: natural? toxic?Either Fat & the Moon or Primal

Toilet paper: eco or the plush stuff? Eco. Seems like a funny thing to not use recycled paper for.

How do you “freshen” up your bathroom? palo santo? Actually just matches do the trick!

bath or shower? Bath!

what kind of toothpaste do you use? Dessert Essence

what’s your favorite toothbrush? my red one from whole foods

towel preference? terry? turkish? Turkish!

Favorite hand soap? Wonder Valley soap

What’s your soap vehicle in the shower? Usually a wash cloth

Favorite products right now? Everyday oil, Osea Serum, and Osea face oil, Poppy & Someday products.

What do you decant into 3 oz bottles when you travel and what do you just wing-ding?I like to bring Aveda shampoo in a 3 oz bottle.

coffee before the shower or after? shower then coffee :)

And finally…What was your last Ah-Hah! moment in the shower? Usually ideas for the Newsletter about our subscription program!

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