The Wake Up with…Alice Bucaille (w/ India & Sol Randon)

Alice and her family live right across the street from us in Mattituck, NY. Every weekend Michael and I see the Bucaille-Randon house burst into early action. The girls are playing in the barn, Thomas is going for a bike ride, and Alice is gardening—in a cute jumpsuit with a Victorian collar peeking out. Two weeks ago I walked across the street to say “Hi”. Alice was painting the exterior of her house black while roasting a chicken in the oven…for lunch. This woman can do anything from meticulously steering an American fashion brand to success to making you fall in love with a toilet brush. We love this woman and I think you will too.

You renovated this bathroom about four years ago, right? And you recently did two more bathrooms in your Brooklyn home. Any advice for the novice renovators (me) out there? What details did you agonize over vs decisions that didn’t keep you up at night.
Yes we renovated our bathroom 4 years ago- we had other things to renovate along with this room so we couldn't go crazy with tiles for example. We decided quickly on a black and white palette with touches of brass- and knew we could add more personal touches later with hooks, shower curtain, toothbrush holder, etc...

Any Splurge vs Save thoughts?
We definitely saved with the ceramic sockets as lighting fixtures ($1.29 each) and spent a bit more with the half brass bulbs to give it a more expensive look.

Even if I didn’t know you, I would be able to tell that you obsess over details. Where did all of these cool & funny pieces come from? And can we talk about the gold bulbs? Do they create a certain tone of light?
My friend, Angie gave me the “Boobie Planter” by Group Partner, so when I came across the Tonal Boob Bath Mat from Cold Picnic, I knew it belonged there. We moved into this house the year IKEA did a collaboration with Isle Crawford - we bought a few pieces from that collection for the house- and got the mirror and the basket in the bathroom as well. The toilet brush is from France, bought in Paris at La Tresorerie how to make something pretty out of something that has a disgusting purpose. The "gym" towels hooks are from Hay Design from the MoMA Design store. And I think you know where the shower curtain, brass hooks and other mat come from :)

I love this wooden tray in leu of a caddy!  How has this worn over time? Is mildew an issue? I’ve noticed that you have nail brushes in your outdoor and indoor shower. Do we all need a nail brush? Is this the new tongue scraper?

You know what? NOT ONE SIGN of mildew on this caddy- after 4 years! And a caddy in a bathtub is like a room service platter in your hotel bed: everything I potentially need during that time is on this caddy. The nail brush must be a French thing I guess. I grew up using nail brushes in the bathroom but also by the kitchen sink. Super convenient when you spend a lot of time gardening.

Everyone always asks us where to buy a good brass shower rod. Where did you get yours? Ha! Good old Home Depot, cut to size.

How hard do you hit up the pharmacies when you go home to France or when you’re overseas on a shoot? Is there anything in particular that your looking for?

Not that we don't have plenty of good options here in the US, but usually I go to the pharmacy by my mom's place the morning I land in Paris. I always get the same: Embryolisse Lait Creme concentre, Laroche-Posay Hydreane Extra Riche, Caudalie Vinoperfect Serum and Roc Keops Deodorant.

Are you a closeted "never-nude" like Tobias from Arrested Development? Or were you just being a great friend and equally great art director (anything for the shot).

When you asked me to do this shoot I had the idea in the back of my mind. I knew it would make a great picture and that the kids would go crazy for it. If you want a naked shot you can find me in the outdoor shower.

If it were anyone else, I would assume the toilet paper was on top of the toilet because they were lazy and didn’t feel like loading it onto the holder. 

Ha! I really don't like toilet paper holders in general. We place the toilet paper on top of the tank clockwise if you're sitting. It's so inconvenient.

TMI Lightning Round:

Favorite Toothpaste: Fluocaril (french)

Favorite Toothbrush: Whatever the dentist gives me

Favorite Deodorant: Roc Keops but I recently have been using an Alum stone - it's supposed to be better for your body.

Favorite Bath products Marseille Soap

What do you clean your bathroom with? White vinegar

Toilet paper: Eco or the Plush Stuff: This is where I'm caught: the plush stuff :(

Book, phone or deep thoughts?AM: Deep/foggy thoughts PM: sadly, phone

Courtesy flush or candle?Neither: Aesop Poop drops!!!!

Toilet Plunger: what do you do with it after you’ve used it? and where does yours “live”? this is embarrassing... it lives in our coat closet

Soap Receptacle: hand, wash cloth, loofah? Shower glove that exfoliates as well

Any grooming or self-care tools you love? Nail clippers: I like short, clean and polish less nails

How often do you switch out your bath towel? Once a week

Terry, waffle or Turkish? Half terry, half waffle

Bath towels: color or crisp white? Crisp white

Favorite body part: My feet are really nice. Loooooooong but elegant.

Wax, shave, Nah? Shave my armpits, wax everything else

Bathroom pet peeve: A toilet seat up

Bath or Shower: Shower

When you travel, what do you make sure to bring with you and what can you just wing-ding while you’re away? I can wing-ding a LOT of things but I will bring my deodorant, my toothbrush and my nail clippers.

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