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Quiet Town

Rebeca Raney

Rebeca Raney

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Rebeca Raney is an artist who primarily loves to draw (though speaking personally, I have one of her sculptures and it is so special). Her work, along with the woman herself, is imbued with optimism and generosity of spirit.

         “Lots of organizations have requested my artwork for charitable purposes and this is something I am also keen to do. Being helpful makes me feel purposeful and motivated, especially when what I have to offer is nonessential, frivolous, wonderful, and creative.”

Rebeca’s curtain is inspired by the window she and her daughter Ray sit and watch the trees come alive outside while they stayed indoors.

            “Lastly,” Rebeca says, “if you are doing the good work of staying home don't discount what you can make with your hands.”

A sentiment we’ve heard from so many talented, tuned-in and future-minded folks.

Check out @rays_beret to see what Rebeca and Ray have been making during the stay-at-home order in New York.


“I only had one shot with the paint because I didn't want it to be too thick or stiff. So, I thought a lot before starting. I knew I wanted to colors to be exactly these...not necessarily tasteful but perfectly in harmony with a retro bathroom,” says Rebeca.


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Machine wash in cold water. Dry on low heat. We highly recommend using with a liner (like our Sun Shower Curtains) to avoid mold and mildew growth. 

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Our Canvas Shower Curtains are built to last

  • "Brings an edgy splash of color to your bathroom in the form of a brightly hued, transparent shower curtain. It can be used alone or as a liner with a fabric shower curtain."

  • "It’s hand-sewn with durable denim hemming and features stylistic rounded corners. The top features metal grommets for hanging with hooks on your curtain rod."

  • "The liner stands apart thanks to all the funky colors it comes in. While most transparent vinyl liners come in clear or neutral tints, the Quiet Town liner is available in several funky colors."