Pacifica Driftwood

$ 198.00


Pacifica Driftwood

$ 198.00

Introducing our newest canvas shower curtain with a "window". This limited edition Pacifica offers all the texture and emotion of our USA-made canvas and the sparkle and light of our E.V.A. (non-toxic vinyl) in one. 

Our Pacifica curtain is inspired by the beams of a rising and setting sun. Each panel of our signature canvas is hand-sewn by the skilled craftspeople at our North Carolina factory.

The Pacifica corners are rounded like an old-fashioned sail with double-lined canvas to weigh down the curtain and prevent "blowing" into the shower. 

Turkish brass grommets coated with Nickel finish (silver). 

Colors: Light Grey, White, Smokey-Black EVA, Medium Grey, Khaki

100% Cotton 10oz canvas grown, milled & woven in the U.S.A.

100% E.V.A. imported from China

100% brass grommets imported from Turkey

Curtains made in North Carolina, USA


We highly recommend using with a liner (try our Sun Shower curtain) to avoid mold and mildew growth.

Hand wash/spot clean only. Machine wash will permanently damage E.V.A. The addition of a liner should negate the need for a complete washing. Spot clean should suffice for your "average" bathroom damages. 

If absolutely necessary, machine wash in cold water. No tumble dry. Iron only canvas material. Temperatures over 120˚F will melt E.V.A. 

DIMENSIONS: 72" x 72"
WEIGHT: 3.7lbs

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