The Marfa

Marfa Phlox

$ 198.00

The Marfa

Marfa Phlox

$ 198.00

Introducing our very first canvas and E.V.A. shower curtain. This limited edition Marfa offers all the texture and emotion of our USA-made canvas and the sparkle and light of our E.V.A. in one. 

Named after our favorite quiet town in the prairies of West Texas, the Marfa is a modern quilt reminiscent of earth and sky and inspired by Josef Albers' color studies. Each square is hand-sewn using durable denim hemming on the exterior and cotton-bound seams on the interior. Corners are rounded like those on an old sail.

100% Cotton 10oz canvas grown, milled & woven in the U.S.A.

100% E.V.A. imported from China

100% brass grommets imported from Turkey

Colors outside to inside: rust, peach, pink, pink E.V.A.  

Curtains constructed in Brooklyn


We recommend you use a liner (our non-toxic Sun Shower curtains) to avoid mold.

Hand wash/spot clean only, machine wash will crease E.V.A.

If absolutely necessary, machine wash in cold water. No tumble dry. Iron only canvas material. Extreme heat will melt E.V.A. 

DIMENSIONS: 72" x 72"
WEIGHT: 3.7lbs

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