Alessandra Olanow

$ 100.00


Alessandra Olanow

$ 100.00

Alessandra Olanow is a Brooklyn-based artist known for her very personal and empathetic illustrations and writing. She is the friend that lifts us up @aolanow and reminds us to forgive ourselves and try again-- that it’s OK not to be OK.

Her message to everyone right now?

“Stay hopeful, hope helps”

 Her piece for A Quiet Auction is a “Gentle reminder to myself to keep it up, and remember another start is another chance,” says Alessandra.  


“I don’t really have a process, I just scribble down whatever swirls around in my head. 

This [piece] started out as a sketch--which took about 5 minutes--but to draw it up on the shower curtain took me a few hours.”


Spot Clean

*Handle with care, I’m sensitive :)



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