Catalina Jade

$ 198.00

 Introducing the Catalina curtain. Inspired by seaside awning stripes in a 80's palette.  

Our stripes are constructed by sewing strips of our heavy canvas together using a double-needle stitch—just like a pair of vintage jeans. You get tons of color and texture from our technique. Each curtain is handmade in our small Brooklyn, NY factory.

The Catalina is super-fun in a kids’ bathroom layered up with color and even more pattern from rugs and towels. But it’s also chic in a more sophisticated space when you play with tonal colors and linear accessories (even more stripes).

Finished with rounded corners inspired by old-fashioned sails and nickel-plated brass grommets (that's a technical way of saying "silver" finish). 


Curtains constructed in the USA, 100% cotton canvas, dyed & milled in USA, 100% brass grommets imported from Turkey.


Teal/Jade, Natural (unbleached) Canvas


Machine wash in cold water. Dry on low heat. We highly recommend using with a liner (try our Sun Shower curtain) to avoid mold and mildew growth. 

DIMENSIONS: 72" x 72"
WEIGHT: 3.4lbs


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Erica SCustomer

"They have the RADest bathroom accessories to really make your space feel unique and modern. Best part is they are ethical and sustainable!"

Priscilla GCustomer

"I've always loved the color palette from Quiet Town"

Monica MCustomer

"We have a bunch of [Quiet Town's] curtains at camp and I love every one of them! They have effortlessly cool and fun style and are based out of Brooklyn "

Jacquline TCustomer

"Every color combo is perfect!"

Devin SCustomer

"Functional and beautifully balanced."

Kate RCustomer

"I love the earthy colors and the handmade feel"