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  • The Wake Up: Emily L'ami of Bodha
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The Wake Up: Emily L'ami of Bodha

The Wake Up: Emily L'ami of Bodha
The bits you always wanted to know but felt funny asking...
QT: Bath or Shower?
EL'A: Bath (everyday)
QT: Is your tooth brush perched on your toilet for easy access in the shower? or are you just being clever with storage?
EL'A: It's pure necessity based on a dearth of outlets!
QT: Turkish or terry towels? Do they all match or are they a bit here and there?EL'A: Turkish & not too matchy
QT: What kind of toothpaste do you and Fred use?
EL'A: After our little Italy holiday we're Marvis classic strong mint converts.
QT: Eco or the plush kind of toilet paper?
EL'A: Eco, always eco.
QT: What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
ELA: Spritz my face with our Calm Ritual Spray & note 3 things I'm grateful for.
QT: What’s the last thing you do before bed at night?
EL'A: Make a pot of tea, light our Ritual Oil Diffuser & note 3 great things that happened in my day.
QT: Last "Ah-Ha!" moment in the bath?
EL'A: Figured out the missing ingredient in my 'Italy 2017' holiday scent (ps it was tomato leaf)
QT: You have almost no bath products in your bathroom…so what you DO have seems very important. can you tell me what the tight edit is?
EL'A: I'm not sure if I'm simple or just lazy but I do keep my bathroom edit tight - I use Aesop for soap, organic jojoba oil for cleansing, Everyday Oil for moisturizing & Nucifera for body (especially after time in the sun).
QT: When you travel, what do you decant into tiny little 3 oz bottles and what do use from the hotel?
E'LA: I take it all from home, apart from shampoo & conditioner, & do an intense moisturizing hair treatment with La Tierra Sagrada's Hair Medicine when I get home.
QT: What’s your favorite body part?
EL'A: I like hands, they express and create and touch and feel.
QT: You were just in Italy…any amazing European drug store finds?
EL'A: I'm afraid of flying and found some great natural anxiety pills in the drug store. It seemed way more integrated over there in terms of how they see the body mind connection.
QT: You’re from New Zealand, anything bath or grooming-wise that you just can’t get state-side?
EL'A: There's an amazing muscle rub made from beeswax and essential oils called Tui Balm (named for one of our beautiful native birds)
QT: Michael and I are obsessed with your incense, which scent do you think is the best for the bathroom?
ELA: Ohhhh, I'd say Refresh for the morning, Ground for the evening & Purify for Sunday self-care rituals.
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    Lisa Fine
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